Consumers Using Their Ink Cartridges For Leisure

2012-01-26 10:12:51

Published on 2012-01-26 10:12:51

According to a poll from PC Advisor, the vast majority of consumers use their printers and ink cartridges for leisure purposes rather than in a professional capacity.

Within the survey, when respondents were asked who in their household uses the home printer the most, 60 per cent of respondents selected said themselves or their partner for leisure purposes.

Other options available for selection for the included 'Me or my partner - for work'; 'Kids - for leisure'; 'Kids - for homework/college'; and 'Other family/friends'. Another revelation to come out of the poll, sponsored by Kodak, was that in most households adults hold the keys to the printer.

A report on PC Advisor's website read: "Modern inkjet printers are becoming less expensive to run. That combined with remote printing features such as Google Cloud Print, or vendor specific services such as Kodak's Email Print Service, make printing snaps a casual, fun thing to do."

Just three percent of respondents chose 'Kids - for leisure' and a further three per cent selected 'Other family/friends'.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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