Australian Ink Firm Achieves Green Accreditation

2012-01-27 16:25:51

Published on 2012-01-27 16:25:51

A Darwin-based printer company has shown that it's not just recyclable ink cartridges which can help aid ink's impact on the environment after winning an award for its green credentials.

Coleman's Printing has become the most environmentally friendly printer in the Northern Territory, thanks to four years of tracking its environmental practices and, as such, has achieved a level two certification from Sustainable Green Print.

The company has, so far, recycled enough paper to save more than 4,000 trees in the past 18 months while it has also reduced the amount of landfill waste it creates by a massive 50 per cent.

Coleman's printing manager Tony Coleman, told NT News: "By recycling paper, we are also reducing the amount of oil used in the paper manufacturing process, and as a result of our initiatives we have saved enough fuel to travel around the world 14 times."

Coleman's is one of just 30 printers in Australia to receive the accreditation.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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