Green Printing Can Lead To Substantial Cost Savings

2012-02-01 09:18:57

Published on 2012-02-01 09:18:57

Green printing can lead to substantial cost savings if implemented properly, it has been claimed. According to Ramnath Iyer, chief technology officer at CRISIL, such initiatives are a vital part of any green IT strategy.

"Green printing can bring value directly to the organisation and its adoption will only increase in coming years as it would be among the most talked about initiatives within green IT," he told Express Computer Online.

The key to implementing a good green printing strategy is to start simple, such as by introducing a network printer rather than having one for every team within an office.

That way it is easier to keep track of what is being printed. Ink cartridges recycling programmes are another great way to make printing a bit more environmentally friendly.

Putting up signs discouraging waste printing is another effective method which can result in workplaces saving paper and printer ink.

A study by Xerox recently highlighted that the average office worker prints 10,000 pages per year and wastes 1,410 pages.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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