Ink Advancements Are No Gamble For Casino

2012-02-13 08:42:52

Published on 2012-02-13 08:42:52

A more novel use of ink cartridges has been seen in Nisqually Red Wind Casino in Washington state with thanks to the launch of the new EpiCentral print system.

The system offers casinos the ability to dish out instant promotions and rewards to customers playing the slots based on play and history patterns while they have been at the casino.

It is intended to act as a replacement for the old method of sending loyal players promotions and rewards in the mail once they have already left the casino.

Bart Shuldman, chairman and chief executive officer of printer manufacturer Transact, told Hartford Business: "Our machine is turning the slot machine into an attended transaction when right now it is a non-attended transaction.

"One extra minute of play is like a million dollars to the casino."

While the custom ink printer is geared toward the casino market, TransAct is said to be considering offering the technology to other customers such as retailers.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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