Ink Cartridge Bill Poised To Be Debated In US

2012-02-22 10:29:21

Published on 2012-02-22 10:29:21

A new bill could be on the verge of sealing approval in the US relating just how transparent ink cartridge manufacturers are when it comes to their products and printing ink capabilities.

According to Paul Mulshine, in a blog for the Star Ledger, a bill is planned to go up for discussion in Assembly Chambers which would require sellers ink cartridges to state how many pages the ink cartridge in question can print openly.

Assemblyman Gary Chiusano is sponsoring the bill and he commented to Mulshine: "Some of these ink cartridges only print 200 pages."

It is these sorts of figures which have caused the bill to be made more prominent with Mr Chiusano adding that "there's so little ink in some of the damn things that the cost exceeds the ink's weight in gold."

According to Mulshine's report, the bill would make it illegal to sell a printer without information indicating the average cost per 1,000 printed pages for black text and also, if applicable, colour printing.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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