Ink Cartridge Costs Matter Most In PC Advisor Survey

2012-03-01 16:54:59

Published on 2012-03-01 16:54:59

A PC advisor survey has shown that almost two thirds of readers consider the cost of replacement ink cartridges as the most pressing factor when it comes to buying a new printer.

When posted with the question: 'When buying a new printer, which factor is your main priority?', 59 per cent went with a response of 'price of replacement ink cartridges'.

The survey, carried out in association with Kodak, also found that 14 per cent cited the price of the printer as the most important aspect.

According to the website, this is generally only a sensible option if you are intending to purchase a printer as a short-term measure because ink cartridges costs can accumulate over time to a hefty amount. 

Other factors raised in the survey by readers when choosing a printer are print quality (13 per cent), connectivity features (eight per cent) and ease of setup and use (six per cent).

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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