Ink Cartridges Scandal Begins To Re-emerge

2012-03-07 11:14:52

Published on 2012-03-07 11:14:52

A staffer to Australian Water Minister Paul Caica is to be investigated in relation to the 'cartridgegate' scandal in the country which gripped the country last year. 

The unnamed employee is to be investigated after allegedly spending about $20,000 (£13,420)with a series of linked printer ink cartridges companies all selling overpriced toner cartridges to public servants.

In return these servants are alleged to have been offered personal benefits which included shopping vouchers and electronic goods such as iPods.

According to The Advertiser, the staffer has been recalled to the Environment and Heritage Department in order to avoid any further political embarrassment.

Opposition finance spokesman Rob Lucas told the newspaper: "If Mr Weatherill [current premier of South Australia] again fails to act, he will stand accused of a massive cover-up and of being more concerned about what embarrassing evidence might be revealed about the Cartridgegate scandal."

Investigations have already revealed that the firms involved targeted vulnerable public servants and harassed them with aggressive phone calls demanding sales.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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