Ink Cartridge Scandal Persists In Australia

2012-03-09 08:56:01

Published on 2012-03-09 08:56:01

According to The Advertiser, public servants involved in the Australian ink cartridges scandal continued to receive 'kickbacks' for months after the alarm was raised.

Public servants were coerced into using taxpayers' money to buy excessive amounts of overpriced printer cartridges. In return they received electronic goods and shopping vouchers.

Since the investigation was launched, it has been confirmed that at least 41 government agencies spent around AUS$1 million (£672,757) on the ink cartridge products.

Finance minister Michael O'Brien commented: "Agencies were advised to be alert for purchases from particular companies, but the companies frequently changed their business names.

"Shared Services then undertook a company search based on common directors, which provided a thorough overview and led to stricter purchasing controls."

Ireland recently suffered an ink cartridge scandal, which many have dubbed 'inkgate', where some ministers went over their allotted ink cartridge expenses.

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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