Print From The New Apple iPhone 5 With AirPrint

2012-09-21 11:47:05

Published on 2012-09-21 11:47:05

The new iPhone 5 has been released today (Friday 21st September) and has a remarkably slim design for saying how much technology it can pack in. The iPhone 5 has a larger display and a faster chip. With ultra-fast wireless, the iPhone 5 doesn’t sacrifice battery life, and also enables AirPrint so you can print straight to your printer.

According to, you can "print straight from your iPhone 5 over Wi-Fi with AirPrint". The application is already installed in iOS 6, and no additional drivers need to ne installed. Simply turn on your Wi-Fi enabled printer and the iPhone 5 will locate it. AirPrint is supported in Mail, Photos, Safari or iBooks, and you can even send whatever’s onscreen to an AirPrint-enabled printer.

Of course you will need to buy ink cartridges to print all your iPhone photos, which is where Internet-ink can help. High quality ink at a lost cost.

Posted by Fred Bugenhalgen.

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