HP And Canon Record Success In Printer Industry

2013-12-19 08:24:46

Published on 2013-12-19 08:24:46

HP and Canon have recorded significant success in the printer industry, a new study has found.


Brother, HP and Epson are three of the other most dominant manufacturers in the industry.


Research and Markets discovered that one of the main factors driving the market is an increase in demand for inkjet technology printers, thanks to breakthroughs such as UV-curable printers.


The group suggested that advanced inkjet technology printers have a number of advantages, including greater speed, low cost of production and wide variety of applications.


Research and Markets also found an increase in demand for colour prints, leading to a rise in demand for high-speed continuous-feed inkjet printers, along with the average cost per colour impression.


However, the study found that the slowdown in the global economy is one of the main challenges for businesses, as the growth of the printer market is linked to a country's GDP.


Posted by Barry Ashmore

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