Inkjet printers gaining credibility

2014-04-14 15:18:47

Published on 2014-04-14 15:18:47

A new survey has shown that more business users are coming round to the idea of having inkjet printers in the office.


There used to be a clear line between what type of users would have inkjet printers and which would prefer laser machines. However, new results from a survey suggest that this is changing for many professional users.


A survey from PC Pro of more than 500 PC Pro of its readers, including IT professionals, IT technicians and senior managers, suggests that more people are thinking about inkjet printers for use in the office. Nearly three-quarters (71.5 per cent) were able to determine that an Epson WorkForce Pro inkjet gives lower costs per A4 mono page than an HP LaserJet, while 68.3 per cent were able to tell what document had been printed from a laser.


However, the readers struggled to tell the difference between a laser and inkjet photo. Editor-in-chief Tim Danton said: “What’s clear, though, is that people are starting to judge printers on what they can do for their business rather than resorting to the old ‘laser good, inkjet bad’ attitude.”


Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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