Print Cake Decorations with Edible Ink Cartridges

2014-10-01 08:11:30

Published on 2014-10-01 08:11:30

Instead of spending hours attempting to decorate cakes with fiddly hard to use icing, why not just print out your design using your home printer? Well now you can.


Canon MG5420

Aimed at retail bakers and cake decorating hobbyists, professional cake decorators Icing Images have developed a new line of edible ink cartridges, allowing for images to be printed out using a standard Canon printer and then eaten.


The PGI-250/CLI-251 edible ink cartridges have been designed to fit the latest Canon inkjet printers such as the MG5420 and MG5520 as well as a range of Canon PIXMA printers.


Icing Images have extensively tested the edible cartridges and offer the Genesis Printer Package to it’s customers which includes the Canon MG5420 inkjet printer and a full set of edible ink cartridges.


When asked why Icing Images chose to use Canon printers to run their edible cartridges through, they said that edible printing supplies: “ rely on good printer design to accommodate specific needs, such as easy print head cleaning, and low risk of paper jams or misaligned printing”, and then going on to say; “all new printer models offered by Canon are thoroughly tested to be sure these needs are met”.


Posted by Wayne Hogan 

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