Cheap Printers Often Mean Expensive Ink Cartridges

2009-07-31 10:23:47

Published on 2009-07-31 10:23:47

If a printer is cheap then the ink or toner cartridges usually aren't, it has been warned.

According to website PC World, printer vendors often sell devices below their production cost then make their money back through exorbitant printer ink prices.

For users to work out the true cost of different ink solutions, it explained that they need to divide the cost of the cartridge by the manufacturers' suggested page yield - i.e. how many pages it will print - to work out a cost per page (CPP) figure.

With this in mind, it also warned that lower-capacity inks can often offer higher costs CPPs.

"The cost per page for the printer's ink or toner does not reflect other printer costs, of course, such as those for an inkjet’s special paper or for a laser’s belts, drums, and other longer-life consumables," the website stated.

Recently, recommended against the DCP-165C, claiming that the slow speeds and poor print quality offered by the device earn it a "double thumbs down".

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