HP PhotoSmart C4588 Wireless Features High Capacity Ink Cartridges

2009-08-03 07:25:53

Published on 2009-08-03 07:25:53

HP's PhotoSmart C4588 Wireless all-in-one printer features high-capacity ink cartridges that make it an economical choice.

That is according to website freshnews.in, which reported that printing with the device is more affordable because less ink cartridges need to be purchased.

The printer is capable of producing a photo in just 25 seconds and can be shared between numerous printers and netbooks thanks to its wireless interface.

Another feature of the device picked up by the website was its ability to automatically identify the type of paper in the tray and optimise the quality to match.

Navigation is made easier thanks to a 1.5ins display screen on the PhotoSmart C4588, which allows for photographs to be previewed.

While the C4588 was praised for its efficient use of printer ink cartridges, a review of HP's C4780 recently claimed that the steep cost of ink for the device could put people off using it.

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