Reducing Print Loads Can Lengthen Lifespan Of Printer Ink

2009-08-03 07:42:34

Published on 2009-08-03 07:42:34

Businesses looking to reduce their printer ink costs should consider centralising printing and setting all devices to double-sided and monochrome by default, it has been claimed.

According to, educating users on cost-reduction behaviour, such as only printing what is necessary can also make a large dent into printer costs.

The website also recommended an aggressive pursuit of energy-saving setting and the establishment of user accounts with established printing quotas.

Over the long term, firms could save money by investing in dedicated print management applications to streamline the process or by outsourcing their most expensive print services, it added. cited studies indicating that companies spend as much as two to three per cent of their annual revenues on documents and related expenses, such as ink.

Earlier this month an article published on Yahoo!'s technology section indicated that money can be saved with printing by using more eco-friendly fonts.

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