BlackBerry Users Can Now Use HP Toner Cartridge Printers

2009-08-04 07:20:05

Published on 2009-08-04 07:20:05

HP has launched a new service which will allow BlackBerry users to print files remotely from any location.

The CloudPrint service could see offices increasing their consumption of toner cartridges, as mobile workers will now be able to print documents in their office while they are out of the building.

BlackBerry users will be able to print email attachments, images, data and web pages at any networked printer without the need to install complex drivers.

The web-based service also includes a tool to help business travellers find their closest public printer if they need to produce a hard copy of a document away from their home or office.

Speaking to the India Times, Sridhar Solur, principal at HP's office of imaging and printing group, said: "If you make the most fantastic printers in the world, but you are not able to take a print … it's not worth it."

The technology was developed by researchers at HP Labs in Bangalore, India.

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