Printer Costs Go Far Beyond Purchase Price Expert Advises

2009-08-05 09:09:30

Published on 2009-08-05 09:09:30

As well as stealing a business's time by always breaking down, an inefficient printer can also cheat a firm out of significant sums of money should it constantly need its ink or toner cartridges changed.

That is the view of one US-based expert, who has advised that, when it comes to printers and printer ink cartridges, sometimes paying a bit more upfront can lead to substantial savings in the long-run.

Writing for the Washington Post, PC World expert Melissa Riofrio revealed that, while monochrome printers may at first glance seem like a bargain, they can in fact be expensive to run, since "some models have surprisingly pricey toner".

Likewise, multifunction printers often boast "ridiculous" printer ink costs, with the price of toner proving to be too much for some smaller businesses.

"The cost of a printer goes far beyond its purchase price," Ms Riofrio concluded.

"Make sure it's not stealing from you by checking ink or toner costs before you buy."

This comes soon after advised users to consider switching their devices to double-sided and monochrome so as to save on printer costs.

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