Users Advised Not To Rely Solely On Ink Level Monitors

2009-08-05 09:16:42

Published on 2009-08-05 09:16:42

Business and home users with tight deadlines and important print jobs on the go should be wary of relying 100 per cent on ink level monitors on their computers.

That is according to the Seattle Times technology guru Patrick Marshall, who has revealed that poorly-functioning ink-monitoring software is one of his 'pet peeves.

He explained that, since such programs don't measure how much ink is in the ink cartridge or printer itself - but instead use the number of pages printed as a base to estimate how much has been used - they are not always completely accurate.

Mr Marshall advised in his weekly column: "In my experience, in most cases you can print a lot more pages than are estimated. Which makes sense.

"If you're going to estimate ink levels, any errors won't be noticed if the cartridge is replaced too early. If the estimate is off the other way, however, consumers will know it right away."

This advice comes soon after Yahoo Tech! advised printer users to consider their choice of font, as some scripts are significantly more ink-efficient than others.

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