Printer Ink Sector Plunged Into Intrigue In The US

2009-08-12 11:14:25

Published on 2009-08-12 11:14:25

The world of printer ink cartridges is not usually one filled with allegations of corporate espionage.

However, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported this month that a US-based printer ink reseller is claiming that one of the world's largest printer manufacturers sent a spy to snoop around its Oregon premises.

Currently being heard in court, the case involves Green Project Ink and Seiko Epson, the latter of which has been accused of attempting to prevent the small company from selling ink compatible with its printers.

"At issue is that big printer makers rely heavily on ink and toner sales to generate profits," the WSJ explained.

"For years, the manufacturers have tried to stop smaller companies from cutting into their revenue by selling their own cartridges, arguing in lawsuits that some violate their patents."

Earlier this month, a designer from the US called Etsy received plaudits for a series of artistic products such as light fittings made from used ink cartridges.

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