Ink Cartridge Maintenance Tips Offered

2009-08-26 15:27:08

Published on 2009-08-26 15:27:08

Printer owners should make sure that the heads of their ink cartridges do not clog up over time, an expert has advised.

Ken Colburn explained to readers of the East Valley Tribune that his "preferred approach" is to avoid clogging of printer heads altogether, rather than worrying about whether the manufacturers incorporate nozzles within the printer's design.

One of the major reasons for clogging of print heads is turning the printer off incorrectly, he noted.

"If your inkjet printer is on a power strip and you turn everything off via the power strip, your printer never gets to finish its shutdown procedure that could include everything from a quick cleaning to the capping of the ink cartridges," Mr Colburn wrote.

The comments in response to a query from a reader, who asked whether HP's ink cartridge design, which incorporates print heads in the company's machine, was "better" than Epson's.

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