Canon Selphy CP780 Good For Home Use

2009-08-31 07:22:03

Published on 2009-08-31 07:22:03

The Canon Selphy CP780 has received a mixed response from on US reviewer.

Susan Silvius of PC World said that the printer's ink cartridges are expensive but they do offer "reasonable detail".

She added that the price of the printer itself is acceptable and though its ink is on the costly side, the device is good for "light home use".

However, the product was criticised for being too slow and taking too long to print pages and photos.

"It creates images by transferring successive layers of cyan, magenta, and yellow dye from a roll of film onto photo paper, finishing with a clear-coat layer," Ms Silvius wrote in the technology magazine.

"Once a photo is printed, that section of film cannot be reused regardless of how much dye is left, resulting in a lot of waste."

The reviewer concluded: "The Canon Selphy CP780 … would be our top pick if it were faster and cheaper per print."

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