Businesses Urged To Use Right Ink Cartridges

2009-10-10 12:33:53

Published on 2009-10-10 12:33:53

Using the right paper and ink is important for businesses looking to give the right impression, a technology expert has advised.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Chris Alden suggested that organisations equipped with HP printers should use HP ink for the best quality results.

The journalist cited research from Innovationstechnik, which was undertaken for HP, showed that a HP ink cartridge can provide 34 more pages of printed copy than refilled inks.

He said: "When it's time to print out a business plan on your HP Inkjet printer, you'll want to create a professional document smart enough to match your professional image."

"Using the right ink cartridge as well as the right paper is important if you want to ensure a high-quality and reliable printing experience, and present a smart image for your company."

Mr Alden added that before starting up, business owners should create a strategy for their company.

Market research into the competition, laying out a path to profitability and pitching a business idea were all recommended by the expert.

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