Suspected Ink Cartridges Burglar Caught Sleeping By The Toner

2010-01-14 08:37:55

Published on 2010-01-14 08:37:55

A woman in Spokane Valley, in Washington State in the US, has been arrested after she was found asleep inside a locked-up ink cartridge shop.

The manager of the Rapid Refill Ink store came in to find the woman asleep in the showroom, reported local station KXLY-TV.

He then alerted the police, who found a printer stashed outside the unlocked back door which the woman was thought to have entered.

The authorities also said that several ink cartridges were found in the lady's purse.

Manager Brent Henley told the news source that police deputies said that the woman's mobile phone was full of text messages that were discussing the planned burglary.

"I thought she was intoxicated. I did say, 'Hey, hello?' She had slurred words and I couldn't understand what she was saying," he added.

"From what officers were saying this could be something that was planned."

By Elaine Richards

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