Tips For Efficient Ink Cartridge Use

2010-01-22 09:10:31

Published on 2010-01-22 09:10:31

Users can adopt several methods to maximising the efficiency of their printer ink cartridges and thereby minimising cost and waste, according to a sector commentator.

Tips like changing fonts to a more economical setting, such as basic versions, free of underlines or bold and as small a size as realistic can help to minimise ink use said myofficeportal, a non-profit user-centred office supplies site.

As well as this, remembering to remove unnecessary spacing, colours and images from web pages that need printing can save on paper and on wasted ink.

The printer itself can also be used to help maximise ink cartridge efficiency, with features such as a "draft setting" ideal for printing for personal use as it saves ink.

Myofficeportal added: "Print something every week. This may sound like you're wasting precious printer ink, but printing regularly keeps your printer well-maintained. Printer ink cartridges easily dry out when they’re not used constantly, and become unusable when dry as a result. Print a test page every week.

"This doesn't use up a lot of ink and you keep your ink cartridges in tiptop shape."

Many industry analysts have commented on the rise of generic ink cartridge use over the last year, as users looked to save money on their printing during the recession.

By Ramsey Dehani.

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