Calls For More Regulation On Ink Cartridges Packaging Continue To Escalate In The US

2010-01-27 08:48:53

Published on 2010-01-27 08:48:53

The US National Conference on Weights and Measures's meeting in Nashville, Tennessee has highlighted a truth about printer ink cartridge manufacturers, it has been claimed.

Plans to regulate ink cartridge vendors' packaging of the product and ensuring that proper measurements are placed on units are being met by strong resistance from the industry.

Currently, manufacturers do not put the exact measurement on an ink cartridge unit, so consumers have no idea just how much of the precious liquid is actually in there.

Speaking to the American Public Media's 'Marketplace', Charles LeCompte of industry commentary body Lyra Research said that "manufacturers will not be keen to clarify on packaging how far their ink goes".

"They realise it [is going to] set in motion a dynamic that will drive down cartridge prices over time. Which is what they fear the most - they like their business model," he added, addressing the industry backlash against the calls, which were originally made by made by Florida Bureau of Weights and Measures chief Max Gray.

Mr Gray said that he was pursuing the cause as "all of this lack of clarity into what should be required to be labeled on a printer ink cartridge or a toner cartridge used in copiers led me to feel that maybe this should be addressed".

By Ramsey Dehani.

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