Ink Cartridges Offer Americans Cash To Go Green

2010-01-27 08:54:33

Published on 2010-01-27 08:54:33

Recycling ink cartridges is one of the ways that consumers in the US could make money from environmental activity, it has been reported.

Vendors such as Staples are offering their customers cash incentives to bring in empty ink cartridge units to the store, meaning that users could save money on refills or earn a little extra cash from their printer ink units, according to the report by Paula Ebben at WBZ news.

Speaking to the news source, Skip Garvey, general manager of the Staples store in the Roslindale area of Boston, said that "Over the course of a year, basically what we're doing is buying a few ink cartridges for you."

"The customer saves money. It's an advantage to Staples because it brings customer loyalty and it helps the environment," he added, explaining that the $3 (£1.85) that the store give for each ink cartridge represents a win-win situation for the company.

Other environmental moves seen in the states include Walmart's decision to start charging 15 cents for plastic bags and the Citizen's Bank's offer to pay their customers $120 a year to switch from using paper statements to online ones.

By Angelina Jolessi.

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