Science behind filling ink cartridges revealed

2010-02-24 08:02:34

Published on 2010-02-24 08:02:34

Science behind filling ink cartridges revealed

A blog post on If It Prints, I'll Let You Know has revealed the practical science behind how printer ink cartridges are filled before they are shipped off to retailers.

Different printer ink cartridges require different types of ink to help adapt that catridge for the unique needs of a particular printer and its function so firstly it's essential to make sure the right formula of ink is being used.

Once the correct formula of ink is created for the right type of ink cartridges this ink will be filled up into 1,000-litre tanks which are stored in the printer and ink factory.

The blog goes on to explain that: "Those tanks will be hooked up to a high pressure system and the empty ink cartridges will be filled up, normally four cartridges at a time.

"This can help to increase the productivity of the factory itself, producing enough ink cartridges to keep everyone fully stocked and satisfied."

Finally, once the ink cartridges are filled the nozzle is tested to make certain that it can release the ink, before a strip of tape is used to seal the cartridge prior to shipping.

By Barry Ashmore

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