Switch To Century Gothic And Save Printer Ink Says CIO Director

2010-03-30 16:32:05

Published on 2010-03-30 16:32:05

A university director of computing and information has handed families and businesses struggling to keep up with their printer ink bills some advice that could save them plenty of money.

Diane Blohowiak, from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, says that switching fonts to Century Gothic where possible can help to save cash on printer ink and ink cartridges and help the environment.

She also said she switched the college's email system from Arial to Gothic default as part of the a "five year plan to go green", the Register quotes local radio station WPR.

The educator claims that Century Gothic, when printed out, uses 30 per cent less printer ink than Arial and even beats a well-known "eco font". She claims that printer ink costs her department $10,000 per gallon, thought is supplied in smaller units.

Ms Blohowiak told the radio station that her department is "interested in doing what they can to be environmentally conscious and minimise use of resources".

She added: "But it was also appealing to save money on the supply and expense budgets."

By Johnny McMaster

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