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2010-03-31 15:52:47

Published on 2010-03-31 15:52:47

 Internet Ink are striving to raise the standards of all areas of the ink cartridge world. Avalible products include Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Pens, Computer Hardware, Gifts, Gadgets and many more.

Common issues that affected when using toner and ink cartridges can be easily solved through visiting the support centre on the website where problems and faq's are dealt with.

Common Questions include:-

Problem: The cartridge doesn’t print

Possible cause & fix:

The blue tape that covers the print nozzle might be still there. Remove the blue tape and try again. If the problem still persists, blot the cartridge on a damp paper towel until you see the ink.
Some of our cartridges don`t use sealing tape, so be careful not to actually peel the print head from the cartridge - All our sealing tape is blue.
Problem: My colour cartridge does not print one of the colours, is missing a colour, or prints very faint. How do I get it to work properly?

Possible cause & fix:

Sometimes, during transportation, the cartridge may have been laying on one side, causing the colours to mix, or the print head to dry out. This does happen with both original and compatible inks quite often. Allow the newly installed ink cartridge to rest for an hour whilst installed in the printer then try to print few pages using all the colours. This may allow for the missing colours to "kick in".

Problem: My printer doesn’t recognize the cartridge.

Possible cause & fix:
Check the printer manual to see whether you installed the correct cartridge or not. If it is the correct one, try to print ignoring the warning messages. It should work.

For further information on help and support and any information regarding ink cartridges visit internet ink.

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