Poor Printer Ink Leads To Flight Refusal

2010-04-21 10:23:21

Published on 2010-04-21 10:23:21

The need to always have enough printer ink loaded in your printer was reinforced by the story that a tourist was stopped from checking in for her flight on Ryanair because the printer ink on her boarding pass was deemed to be too faint.

Sue Craig had paid an extra £10 for an online boarding pass for a flight to Malaga, which she printer on her home computer, but upon arrival at Bournemouth Airport she was told that the barcode on her pass failed to scan.

She was sent to a customer services desk with a massive queue, and as a result she missed the flight and lost her ticket and airport parking, the Daily Mail reports.

"The copy of the boarding pass I printed out was clean and crisp and bold and why it was unable to scan I don't know. The guy tried to scan it a couple of times before he told me the ink was too faint," she claimed.

"My printer at home is only six months old and the ink cartridge inside it is brand new."

The volcanic ash cloud over UK airspace currently means that no passengers can take flights from airports in the country.

By Mervyn Warren

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