New Ink Printer Streamlines Deployment And Minimises Maintenance

2010-05-18 11:22:29

Published on 2010-05-18 11:22:29

Companies looking to buy new ink cartridges may be interested to hear that new PF8 desktop printers have been launched by Intermec Technologies to help improve deployment time and network connectivity.

The PF8 desktop thermal printer comes equipped with internal Ethernet and Intermec PrintSet configuration support, which help to streamline deployment and minimise maintenance.

Ideal for transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, in-store retail and office environments, the new product was praised by Jean-Luc Defrance, group chief information officer of GeoPost, which is using one of them.

He said it "perfectly meets the need to identify express parcels using barcodes, for customers dealing with tens to hundreds of parcels per day".

"The printer is compact and easy to use which makes it the perfect solution for customers dealing with a large volume of express parcels. Its compatibility with the Intermec PC4 printer is a very useful extra function," he added.

Hewlett Packard recently stated that its Electronic White ink is helping business expand their operations.

By Jamie Foster

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