Draft Setting Change Could Stretch Printer Ink Further

2010-05-19 15:42:16

Published on 2010-05-19 15:42:16

Changing the draft setting on a printer is one strategy that an individual can employ if they want to ensure their ink cartridges last longer. 

A blog by Kate Forgach for KansasCity.com has listed 12 techniques that should be followed to reduce printer ink outlay and support the environment. These include printing in a lighter font or a smaller size, alongside only getting a hard copy of documents that are actually needed.

She added: "Choose the 'draft' or 'economy' print setting in the 'Advanced' settings of your print screen pop-up. "The overall print will be lighter, so you might want to use the standard setting for important documents."

Furthermore, individuals may want to ensure that all of the ink is used from a cartridge, with the option of changing the print colour on a colour printer to one that still has ink in the cartridge. 

By Canzil Ahmed

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