Large Businesses May Benefit From Printer Ink In Used Printers

2010-05-24 08:45:25

Published on 2010-05-24 08:45:25

Larger businesses may want to consider used printers in order to drive down their costs, a blogger has suggested.

Sean Doherty has noted for Databazaar that budget is the main reason why a company will consider a used printer and the resulting ink cartridges that are needed for it.

However, he suggests that smaller businesses may want to think twice about making the purchase as they may not have suitable backup printers in place in case any problems materialise.

But for larger companies with other suitable printers in place to share workloads, they could prove a worthwhile acquisition.

Mr Doherty stated on the website: Organisations maintain multiple printers on premise, so print jobs can be rerouted to operational printers in the event of equipment failures.

"In addition, organisations have support teams, service contracts and ongoing relationships with technology vendors that enable them to deal with used printer issues quickly and efficiently."

By Johnny McMaster

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