Individual Need Over Ink Cost Should Be Base Of Printer Decision

2010-06-14 16:23:51

Published on 2010-06-14 16:23:51

Ink cartridge costs should not be the main factor in whether a person buys a single function printer or one that also provides scanning, copying and faxing capabilities, it has been suggested.

A blog on If It Prints, I'll Let You Know highlights that need should be the driving force behind an individual's choice.

"What kind of printing will you be doing? What are the features that you need for the print jobs that you do?" were among the questions posed by the blogger.

"While it is nice to have a printer that has the ability to scan and copy and fax and all that jazz – isn't it a waste if you cannot use these features anyway?"

Meanwhile, it is also noted that multifunction printers may also be more expensive, meaning there may still be value in opting for a printer that only prints and nothing else.

However, the Pocono Record recently reported that James Derk, the owner of computer repairs firm CyberDads, felt that ink cartridge costs were an important factor in deciding which printer to buy.

He recommended that discovering the cost of printer ink should be the first question asked, while also deciding if any colour documents would need to be printed.

By Johnny McMaster

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