Online Shopping One Of The Innovations Of The Decade

2011-02-21 08:41:17

Published on 2011-02-21 08:41:17

Online shopping, which people often use to buy ink cartridges, has been voted the second most important innovation of the decade by Britons.

Home broadband came out on top as the best innovation of the last ten years, consultancy The Foundation found in its Innovation Index, which asked respondents to name the products and services they felt contributed the most and least to their lives.

The top two were followed by Google, chip and pin technology and digital cameras.

While online comparison sites, community recycling, health labelling on foods, low-cost air travel and GPS and satnav made up the last five.

Those surveyed said usefulness (66 per cent) and time-saving (55 per cent) were the main reasons why they preferred these products and services. Perhaps surprisingly, cost savings were less important (40 per cent).

"Good innovation is understanding what people want to do, and finding bold new ways for them to do it better," Charlie Dawson, partner at The Foundation, said.

According to comparison website, online shopping in the UK was worth £44 billion last year. Check out the online shopping for your ink cartridges.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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