Printer Ink Businesses Told To Make Minor Air Conditioning Changes To Become Greener

2011-06-06 11:02:04

Published on 2011-06-06 11:02:04

Businesses using printer ink solutions have been told to make minor amends to how they use their air conditioning system in order to become greener.

Paul Edwards, chair of the British Council for Offices' Environmental Sustainability Group and head of sustainability at Hammerson, said that many run the devices at unnecessarily low temperatures, which costs a lot of money.

"Air conditioning is a major consumer of energy. If you can look at the temperatures you're controlling, ask yourself if you really need to control the room to 20 or 22 degrees C. Can you ramp it up to 24 degrees C? It's comfortable – people can operate at 24 degrees C perfectly fine," he advised.

Mr Edwards went on to say that just a two or three-degree difference can "greatly reduce your energy consumption".

His words came after Lloyds TSB found that 91 per cent of British firms including ink cartridge firms have taken some steps in order to become more sustainable.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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