Kodak Enhances Ink Cartridge Replacement Options

2010-01-07 08:33:43

Published on 2010-01-07 08:33:43

Kodak has announced that it will be giving customers more options in how to replace their ink cartridges.

The company, which began making printers in 2007, has always marketed itself as the firm which offers the cheaper alternative to expensive ink cartridge prices.

Kodak has launched three new ink cartridge models which it says are more efficient and better value for money.

The 10B model is the cheapest of the company's new cartridges at a modest $9.99 (£6.25), with the 10XL and 10C models offering a significant number of extra pages per unit.

Susan Tousi, general manager of Inkjet Systems at the firm and vice president of Eastman Kodak, said: "Our new suite of ink replacement options is designed to provide our consumers with the best possible value and quality. We set out to transform the inkjet industry in 2007 with a business model that consumers shouldn't have to overpay for ink.

"We are committed to continuing to be the consumer champion by providing premium-quality ink options, at an affordable price, enabling consumers to print what they want, when they want without fear of ink replacement costs."

By Angelina Jolessi.

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