Kodak Has To Remove Ink Saving Adverts

2010-11-05 12:36:51

Published on 2010-11-05 12:36:51

The Advertising standards authority (ASA) has ruled that claims by Kodak that their new printers can save users up to £75 per year on the cost of purchasing Kodak ink cartridges are misleading and these adverts are not to be shown on television or printed press.

The current radio adverts seem to not mislead and are allowed to continue. The basis of the complaint came from both HP ( Hewlett Packard ) and members of the public that argued that the figures Kodak used to base their claims on were not representative of a normal printer owners usage.

I'm sure Kodak will adapt their adverts and they will reappear sooner rather than later in the run up to the busy Christmas sales period.

By Henry Packlett.

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