Kodak Finds Inkjet Printing Will Have Significant Impact On Book Publishing

2011-02-01 08:55:45

Published on 2011-02-01 08:55:45

Ink cartridges maker Kodak's recent roundtable discussion on the future of book publishing found delegates discussing the role of the inkjet printer in the industry.

Hosted by Kodak, the discussion was held at the New York Public Library, US, and attended by key figures from the book and printing spheres.

The roundtable surmised that the book market will remain flat over the next three years, but that digital technologies will drive content creation, delivery and production.

Among the fruits of the talk, high-speed inkjet printing was described as having a significant impact on book manufacturing, in fact, "the biggest development in publishing in the past 50 years", according to one attendee.

This is because it will allow for more and shorter production runs, which will save on waste and other costs.

"Given the sea changes taking place in every facet of the book publishing market, the time was right to hear from a panel of experts about trends, issues, opportunities and predictions," said Chris Verlander, director of book segment marketing at Kodak.

"While acknowledging both excitement and anxiety about the transformation taking place, there was optimism from the panellists about the benefits and advantages that digital technologies bring to the book market in today's cross-platform publishing world."

Recently, inkjets were touted as the future of solar panel manufacturing.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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