Kodak Launches New App For Its Printer Ink Devices

2011-07-01 13:51:17

Published on 2011-07-01 13:51:17

Kodak has launched a mobile phone app that allows consumers to send and print photos to their All-in-One printer ink devices.

The firm's latest technology allows Android OS users to download the Kodak Pic Flick app for free, which lets them send images wirelessly to printer ink devices.

On top of this, Kodak stated that it is committed to making printing easier for all its consumers in this mobile connected world.

Susan Tousi, general manager in inkjet systems and vice president at Eastman Kodak, said: "We will continue to deliver smart printing solutions that provide exceptional ink value and high-quality output for the home and home office."

Recently, printer ink firm Epson announced that it was launching its iPrint app to enable iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch customers to wirelessly send their photos to their All-in-One devices.

The firm added that this service will be free and allows consumers to print documents while they are on the go.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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