Kodak Launches New Improvements For Its Versamark Printer Ink Range

2011-07-04 10:22:54

Published on 2011-07-04 10:22:54

Kodak has announced it will be enhancing its Versamark VL-Series printer ink range to improve consumer productivity.

The company noted that it will be making changes to increase print quality, reliability and operator maintenance.

Furthermore, Kodak noted that its new innovations will provide consumers with a more consistent ink dot-size variation, longer-lasting cartridges and improved technical services.

Vince Ferraro, vice president of marketing in digital print solutions at Kodak, said: "The VL-Series is a workhorse that has helped many of our customers expand into new higher value applications with affordable colour output.

"We will continue to innovate and expand our Versamark product category to be in front of the changing market needs for our customers and their customers.”

Recently, Mercury Print Productions installed one of Kodak's Prosper 5000XL printer ink devices which it hopes will increase the company's document production capabilities while creating its range of books, brochures and magazines.

Posted by Jamie Foster

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