Kodak Claims To Improve Printer Ink Systems With New Scanner Solution

2011-08-08 08:37:43

Published on 2011-08-08 08:37:43

Companies looking to improve their printer ink systems could consider adding one of Kodak's latest scanners into their home offices this year.

The firm's i5800 device can significantly speed up document processes for individuals, small businesses and even medium-sized organisations.

Kodak claims the latest product can help cut production costs while improving the workflow in various print rooms and offices.

Budd Webster, business director in scanners and document imaging at Kodak, added: "By enabling users of the i5800 Scanner to unleash advanced imaging features at rated speed, businesses meet real-time demands without compromising the accuracy of data extraction."

Last month, Kodak released its Scanmate i920 device to help support its printer ink customers improve their workflow and image production processes.

The firm noted it is a perfect device for businesses of all sizes to integrate into their offices and gives them an affordable way to organise, share and access documents of all types.

Posted by Jamie Foster

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