Kodak And IDEAlliance To Provide Printer Ink Service Webinars

2011-08-23 09:03:18

Published on 2011-08-23 09:03:18

Kodak and IDEAlliance have teamed up to provide online webinars to help printer ink providers improve their business efficiency.

The six session series entitled "From Print Service to Solution Provider" will be hosted for free on IdeasOnline.

According to Kodak, industry professionals and experts will demonstrate how firms can capitalise on their printer ink operations, processes and increase their overall return on investment.

The first webinar was on Thursday (August 18th) and they will run through to December 8th.

Judy Pribe, vice-president of Kodak's business solutions and services unit, said: "Kodak is committed to working with its customers to ensure success on every level.

"This webinar series will provide an ideal forum to interact with customers and show them how to leverage today’s digital technologies to increase productivity and foster business growth."

Recently, Kodak revealed that in its second quarter business results for 2011, consumer and commercial inkjet packages and solutions increased by 22 per cent.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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