Kodak Hero 9 1 Inkjet Printer Review

2011-10-27 10:07:54

Published on 2011-10-27 10:07:54

The Kodak Hero 9.1 inkjet is the ink cartridges company's new top of the range, home printer. It features double-sided printing, a large colour touchscreen, a separate photo paper tray and wireless networking support.

Tech news website CNet state that the Kodak Hero 9.1 "has a premium feel aesthetic, that is further enhanced by this model's 4.3-inch touchscreen." Setting up the printer is easy with this screen, and includes a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Kodak Hero 9.1 is Google Cloud Printing ready, so you won't even have to connect it to a PC to print. You can also print straight from USB and memory cards.

Being an All-in-one, the Kodak Hero 9.1 also features scanning and copying functionality. This is done by feeding the document into the printer, and can copy both sides of the document automatically.

Although full of features, the Kodak Hero 9.1 "was certainly not the fastest model around" according to CNet. "It took one minute and 58 seconds to complete our ten-page black-and-white text documen".

The Kodak Hero 9.1 uses just two cartridges: the Kodak 10B Black ink cartridge and combined Kodak 10C Colour ink cartridge. The Kodak printer ink works out very cheap to run over the longer term, with monochrome pages at 1.5p, and colour pages at around 3p each. And will be even less if you buy compatibles!

Posted by Fred Bugenhalgen.

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