Kodak Ink Cartridge Use Grows In The Commercial Department

2011-12-12 09:00:40

Published on 2011-12-12 09:00:40

Executives in the graphic communications department at Kodak have claimed that the growth of its commercial business, thanks to strong ink cartridge use and technology, has belied the gloom around the rest of the company.

Speaking at a recent media event, Greg Gresock, director of marketing for Digital Printers and Presses, said that Kodak's digital presses, printer heads and Stream inkjet technology are increasingly seeing more use.

Their use has specifically rocketed when it comes to traditional printing jobs such as high-speed direct mail runs, formerly done by offset printing. According to Print Week, Mr Gresock highlighted the Nexpress Photo Platform had made a big impact.

According to Print Week, Mr Gresock said: "The growth engine around Kodak is printing, especially digital print. When you look at the total number of pages that are being produced today, about 1 per cent of that production is being done digitally."

The company recently announced a new app for users to print remotely via the cloud.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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