New Kodak 30 Compatible Ink Cartridges Available

2012-06-27 10:13:44

Published on 2012-06-27 10:13:44

In addition to the ever growing range of Kodak ink cartridges and printers available to the open market comes the new Kodak 30 compatible ink cartridges now available at internet-ink.

The Kodak ink cartridges already available include the Kodak 10 standard and XL range combined with the Kodak 30 standard and XL range there is some high quality inks to go with the rang of printers available.

The Kodak 30 compatible inks are compatible with the Kodak ESP range and the Hero printer range:

Kodak ESP 1.2, Kodak ESP 3.2, Kodak ESP C110, Kodak ESP C310, Kodak ESP C315, Kodak ESP Office 2170, Kodak Hero 3.1, Kodak Hero 5.1.

For more information visit the internet-ink website and compare the Kodak inks for yourself, saving you money with an additional 10% off all future ink orders.

Ted Hanson

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