Kodak Drops Out Of Consumer Inkjet Printer Market

2012-10-04 11:42:59

Published on 2012-10-04 11:42:59

Kodak has announced that it will stop manufacturing and selling consumer inkjet printers.

The company confirmed that sales will "wind down" in 2013, leading to the cancellation of the Kodak Hero 2.2 and Hero 4.2 printers that it planned to release recently.

However, the business noted that it will continue to supply ink cartridges throughout the lifetime of existing models, while honouring its commitments to support customers.

An announcement from the company read: "Kodak has announced that as a result of its process to emerge as a growing, profitable and sustainable company, from 2013 onwards it will focus its Consumer Inkjet business on serving its installed based with the sale of ink and paper."

News of Kodak's withdrawal from the inkjet industry comes after it announced a new partnership with Alfresco.

The move aims to provide improved content and document management services to consumers, with Kodak's general manager for worldwide services Roberto Colangelo noting that the decision will address the need for complex content solutions.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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