Kodak Office Hero 6 1 Offers Smartphone Compatibility

2012-10-25 09:42:45

Published on 2012-10-25 09:42:45

The Kodak Office Hero 6.1 printer has been commended by PhonesReview.co.uk.

The hardware boasts a variety of tools and offers full compatibility with Android smartphones, with the website noting that its ink prices are also reasonable.

Wireless printing is made possible thanks to the device, while it is also capable of copying, scanning and faxing.

In addition, the system is Google Cloud Print and Kodak Email Print-ready, meaning that users can send emails and attachments to their office through smartphones, tablets or computers.

Handsets compatible with the device include the Android, Blackberry and iPhone systems, while users of the iPad can also take advantage of the printer's Wi-Fi capabilities.

In recent weeks, Kodak confirmed that it will wind down its sales of inkjet printers in 2013 as it phases them out of its portfolio of products.

As a result, the Kodak Hero 2.2 and Hero 4.2 printers will not be released.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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