Printers That Can Order Replacement Ink Cartridges Available

2010-01-28 09:46:38

Published on 2010-01-28 09:46:38

A range of printers has become available which can perform functions such as order new ink cartridges when theirs begin to run low and call an engineer when they become faulty.

Konica Minolta's new range of Wireless Logic printers come completely equipped with a functioning modem, giving them complete internet connectivity and also upgrading printer models' Wi-Fi connectivity to be truly universal.

The printers will support conventional GPRS enabled sim cards for machine to machine connectivity, reported

Brent Mayo, Customer Support Manager, Konica Minolta says: "This technology has brought many benefits to our customers, such as automatic ordering of consumables and automatic logging of faults, which are directly logged into Konica Minolta's ERP system.

"This saves time and means we know of faults before our customers do; allowing us to be more proactive in effecting a repair. We have also seen a significant reduction in our billing queue - previously done manually, this is done automatically through Wireless Logic's service."

By Angelina Jolessi.

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