Konica Minolta Offering Free Inspection On Some Printers

2011-04-12 14:30:25

Published on 2011-04-12 14:30:25

Printer and ink cartridge manufacturer Konica Minolta is offering free inspection and modification on some customers' machines in case of an overheating problem.

The company has identified that in extreme cases only, some of its products need checking that the electric wiring is up to the company's standard.

So far, only one case is known to have happened where a device has overheated, but Konica Minolta said customer safety is of fundamental importance.

The company has outlined that the A4 colour printer's Magicolour 4750DN and Magicolour 3730DN, which were purchased between June 2010 and March 2011, that do not have a green and black sticker on its serial plate will be eligible for the free inspection.

If a printer has a sticker, then the company has assured customers that the device will not react in any way, and will be unaffected by overheating.

Recently, the printer ink company was named the Best Feature Rich A4 Colour MFP in the Business Equipment Research and Test Laboratories 2010 awards.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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